Title Change

I am considering changing the title of the blog.  I like “Jeff Grant’s Leash” but it might be time to upgrade.  I am trying to think of something funny.  I like really blunt titles.  I’d like for it to have some kind of meaning but it doesn’t have to be deep.  

I got the idea for “Jeff Grant’s Leash” because it seemed like a good idea to have a place where I could get out all of my crazy thoughts but know that they weren’t necessarily intruding on anybody else.  Calling my blog a leash was like calling it my little room with padded walls.  


What about something like “If Padded Walls Could Talk”?   Would that be too similar thematically to “Jeff Grant’s Leash”?  Maybe I could find something tamer.  Hmm… I wonder why I like making jokes about fragile mental states?  I should not joke about serious psychological issues…

Maybe I could call it “Jeff Grant’s Safe and Normal World”.  Hmm… that’s got a nice ring to it…  That way mom’s will feel better about reading my blog.  It’ll be like a place that is consistently sane and clean.  It’ll be a blog that families could read together.  They could all eat dinner together and talk about their day and then they could read my blog and hug each other and then the dad’s could go play catch with their sons and while the moms braid the little girls’ hair.

I mean, doesn’t that just sound like the way it’s supposed to be?  

My blog will be for families…  I can see it now…

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