Man, isn’t rain CRAZY?!?!

Seriously, what’s up with rain?  I mean, I’m just going through my day trying to mind my own business and all of a sudden all of these little drops of water (I think it’s water) are falling out of the sky.  You can’t do anything about it!  It’s just the way it is.  We can’t CONTROL rain!  We can’t!  When it wants to fall all you can do is find covering or carry an umbrella…

Rain doesn’t care about us.  Rain doesn’t care who we are.  It doesn’t care how much money we have.  Rain doesn’t care what kind of car we drive.  It doesn’t care what color of skin we  have.  

All rain cares about is falling on us, man.

And rain is always wet.  And it’s always just mocking our dreams of living in a dry world.   And frankly, I’m tired of it.  

Rain is a bully.  Rain has too much power.  Rain needs some accountability and discipline.  Rain needs to be locked up or humbled socially.  Rain needs to learn it’s lesson.  It’s time we stand up. 

Listen, we are not going to be able to fight rain alone.  We’re going to have to band together.  It’s time to unite.  We should start a group to stand up for the rights of those of us who would rather be dry than to be “drug through the mud” one more day by rain!

This issue isn’t going to solve itself people.  I really believe that this is our time.  I really believe that this is our moment.  I really believe that this is our chance to make history.  

It is time for change (again)!

Rain’s reign is about to end!


Rain ain’t gonna’ win this fight!

Not on my watch!

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