Kid Fun Blog!!!! (A Blog for Children)

My blog is so popular!

I’m just kidding. I don’t think anybody reads these things.  Well, maybe 2 people.  I just checked my stats and they said that my my average number of readers is five.


It’s five people.  

I thought there were like 50 or something.  

I thought I was blindly juggling fascinated fans.  I thought that might have to move to another city just to keep the crazies away.  

But I’m not sure if the crazies are even interested…

I’ve lost the crazies…

I am truly alone now…


To combat the shrinking flow of activity I have decided to make my blog a safe place for families.  It is a family blog now.  I’m gonna talk about doing crafts and drinking lemonade and all of that safe crap.  I am going to be like a role model for babysitters…


So, listen to this story!

I was watching Nickelodeon the other day after school before I did my homework and then I cleaned my room and didn’t do any drugs like some bullies did.  And then mom made some pot roast and I helped her set the table and then dad came home from work and I brought him his house shoes and some potato chips and a root beer.  Then we ate the pot roast and talked about a bird house we have always been meaning to make and after dinner we went into the garage and made the bird house for the blue jays in the back yard.  Those birds are so special!  

Anyway, after we made the birdhouse I went in my room and did my social studies homework and ate some apple pie with homemade whip cream on it and then my brother and I played a game of Goldfish in the playroom but then it was bedtime so mom read us a story about frogs baking cookies.  I was having a hard time falling asleep because I was so thirsty so dad brought me a cup of water.

Then I finally did fall asleep and had a funny dream about riding a bicycle with a hamster.  

This was the best day of my life.

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