Journey Through Random Shuffle 2

This is the second segment where I turn on my itunes and comment on whatever song comes on.  Thank you.

Now Playing is a song called The Gash by The Flaming Lips from the album The Soft Bulletin.  What to say about this one?  Well, it’s track 10 on a record that I don’t listen too very much.  I am such a hipster.  I have all of this cool music that I don’t listen to, right?

Okay, song two here is Trying Your Luck by The Strokes from Is This It?.  A lot of the songs from this album sound the same.  This is not my favorite song from the record.  I actually got to see The Strokes at The Ryman a few years ago.  Somebody sold me a very discounted last minute ticket so I went.  It was fun.  I like The Strokes but I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan.  Weren’t they supposed to be the biggest new band a few years ago?  I don’t know what they’re doing now.

Okay, it’s Twist and Shout sung by The Beatles from Anthology 1 (disc 2).  These songs are flying by too quickly, I may have to hit pause so I can actually think about them.  I should say something about The Beatles.  Okay, I have always felt like a back row Beatles fan.  I like their music.  It’s obviously great.  I know that they are a lot of people’s favorite band.  I respect their talent and all that they contributed to music for sure.  I don’t listen to their music very often to be honest.

Now it’s Into The Woods of the album Z by My Morning Jacket.  I am a far away but smiling fan of My Morning Jacket.  I got to see them play an over 3 hour long concert last year right on the river, here in Nashville.  Since I don’t listen to their c.d.s I couldn’t recognize songs that I liked but I was incredibly impressed by thier live show.  They rocked quite hard and effortlessly.  There was a great feeling in the air that night I remember.  It was a very special show and if you ever get a chance to see these guys live DO NOT PASS IT UP!

Now we’re onto No Cars Go by The Arcade Fire from Neon Bible.  This is a great record.  Another one that I have not gotten to listen to as much as I’d like to.  This is a powerful album.  A lot of good writing and music.  There’s a very free and truthful spirit to this bands music in my opinion.  Again, I am not a super fan but I definitely respect what they are doing here.   (By “Super Fan” I mean that I haven’t seen them live and I don’t know anything about any of the people in the band).

Now it’s Living Well Is The Best Revenge from R.E.M. newest album Accelerate.  Man, I have been listening to these guys ever since I first started listening to music.  I think Monster was one of my first c.d.s.  This album has a lot of rock to it.  I think my favorite R.E.M. albums are Automatic for the People and New Adventures in HiFi.

Alright, now it’s me again.  This is funny.  I might cry on this one.  It’s a song called Mossy Stones from a recording session I did with my friends Josh and Pete and Ken Coomer.  This song was written by Josh and I in my red Forerunner on a ukulele riding from my apartment to his apartment.  That was when we were thinking about doing a band.  I still feel a little dweeby for dropping out but I am such a clam, I can’t keep up with being a band.  I would have paid to SEE our band play but being IN it was too intense for me.  I am a wuss.  I wrote My Feelings Don’t Rock for a reason!     

I do have to add that once when this was playing someone overheard it and didn’t know what it was and asked, “Is this Mermaid Avenue?”   I said, “No, but that’s a good guess…”  (It was the same drummer).

Okay, back to reality now…

The next song on the shuffle is another of mine (sorry, I keep all of my music filed away in my itunes…).   This is a song called How 2 Get Ov’r Me.  It is a song that I recorded for my MySpace page sometime last year.  I have a bunch of songs collected that I wrote when I realized that you could write a song and post it on the internet all in about an hour.  I actually tried to see how much I could do with this and was able to write, record and post new material (sometimes it was songs, sometimes just little goofy speeches or weather reports) every day for two straight weeks.  Eventually my computer busted (seriously, I had to exchange it for a new one).  This song isn’t from that initial MySpace burst but was done a little later (once I got the new computer).

Okay, the next song is Broken Cup from an album called Gravity|Love (whoa, I have a “|” key!).  This is by a Nashville artist by the name of Sandra McCracken.  Have you heard her?  You should.  There is an interesting personal story on this one.  I got to meet Sandra and her husband (the GREAT) Derek Webb.  These two have been so kind to me.  I have been a fan of Derek’s music since I was about 19.  When I moved to Nashville I got to meet him and a couple of years after that I found out that he got a copy of some of my own music and he liked it and he even came and watched me play once which was a strange mind blower for me.  It seemed backwards.  Once I went over to their house and they took me to a room that is like their merchandise room and they gave me about 6 different c.d.s. (and at least 2 shirts).  I was stuck in stun mode for a minute.  Gravity|Love was one of those c.d.s and now it’s in my itunes.    Rock on.

The next random song is once again another of mine (should I start skipping mine when they come up?).  This one is called Song for Suicidal People from a c.d. I made last year called How to Dismantle a Firecracker (get it?).  I guess you can take it however you want.  I know that suicide is probably a tasteless thing to spoof but, I mean why not?  It’s not a spoof on suicide though.  It’s a song dedicated to suicidal people.  

Is that weird?  

Probably.  Still, I have at least one friend who heard it and got the point of the song and she even put it on her MySpace page (and that’s gotta’ mean something, you know?).  I tell people it’s kind of like my Everybody Hurts.

Okay, last song (‘cuz I gotta’ catch a bus).  This is Come as You Are, the Nirvana classic.  This is a song from Nevermind but this track in my itunes is from the best of c.d. simply titled Nirvana.  I remember buying this c.d. about a month before I moved to Nashville.  That would be October of 2002.  I remember reading the liner notes where a writer (is it David Fricke?) said that Nirvana “went all the way”.  That thought really inspired me as a 22 year old, 3 time college drop out living in Texas at his Dad’s house.  I remember listening to the record and wanting to really give my rock star dreams a serious go.  

A month later I was in my truck on my way to Nashville…


Alright, that’s all for now.  I’ll try to do this some more because it is incredibly fun.  Take care!

  1. I’ve been stalking you for a few weeks on here, Jeff, and this post caused me to comment. I really enjoyed it, and might just have to do something similar on my blog.

    Good to find you again, friend.

    • therockingfeelings
    • January 27th, 2009

    You know another strange thing about blogging is that being “stalked” is kind of a good thing. It means somebody is reading what you wrote. I think there was a time where I was thinking, “What the heck?! I am surrounded by STALKERS!!” Then I realized that it was kind of exactly what I was asking for by blogging or sharing my music.

    I guess you have to figure out how to make a peace with the being stalked thing. I just decided to go ahead and be creeped out by everybody and everything.

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