A Blog Study of Blogging

I recently bought a book that supposedly showcases some of the best blogs on the internet.  I’ve thumbed through some of it and it has been interesting to get an overall view of what people write about on blogs and also to see how much of it might be quality.  I still can’t tell.  And this collection is a “cream of the crop” collection so it should give a good idea of the best of what a blog can be.

I am not sure if all of the blogs mentioned are my taste.  I think I might read about 25 percent of them regularly.  But I wouldn’t count that against any of the other blogs because I’m very picky about what I read.

Of the 25 percent that interested me the reason I found them appealing had to do with the fact that they were entertaining.  Most of them had funny pictures and I’m a wimp for funny pictures for sure.  Still, even with the ones that I thought were cool I think they each only had about 2 or 3 solid gold entries (in my elitist opinion).  Then there would be a couple B minus’s and then some that didn’t seem necessary at all.

So maybe overall there is some good blogging out there but also a lot of junk.  I am not sure how consistent a blog is expected to be.  Not very consistent I think.

In conclusion, there are a bunch of different kinds of blogs on the internet and I am really picky.

Thank you.

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