Buzz-Free Living

Every entry I put up on this blog happens pretty quickly.  I have gotten myself in the habit of updating this thing as often as I remember to.  Luckily it’s in my daily schedule so I’ve been able to keep fairly routine about it.  

If you have read any of these entries you know that I mostly update from coffee shops, libraries and McDonalds’s in the Nashville area.  Those places have wireless internet and I can take my computer and type away.  I normally only have a couple of hours and a battery that isn’t gonna last too long so I often blog in a rush with barely an edit.

The reason I have chosen to blog is because so far it is the only way for me to be able to consistently share my writings without going crazy.  What I mean by this is that a blog is free and if you are a person who is good at sitting still for a couple hours a few times a week, it can’t be beat.   

There was a time when I was really pushing myself to make my writing and music a real career with money and stuff but I have realized that for some reason making money at this stuff is one of my least favorite things to think about.  I can’t stand it.  I have accepted the fact that I will probably always be a poor writer and honestly, allowing writing to be just an enjoyable hobby has cleared me of so much of the stress of trying to make a career of it.  

In other words, if I’m not making money at least I can DEPEND on not making money.  And I can just work a regular job and relax.  

My brain has gotten tired.  I get worn out with the herky jerkiness of playing music.  I don’t like the daily gamble.  I am not trying to tell other people to be as unagressive as I am, but it definitely is a peaceful thing to let go of a few things.

Being poor I can accept.  I think I like the simplicity of it.  I like having poor friends. If you get money all of your friends start turning into leeches.  It’s like”why are these people being so nice?   Oh, because they want to get something from me…”  And that’s a drag.  When you don’t have anything people leave you alone.  It’s like being on vacation.  There’s peace in a buzz-free life.


I wish I could blog more.  I really do enjoy it.  And having a blog out in the middle of nowhere (not on MySpace I mean) gives you room to stretch out.  Nobody really cares much what I talk about on this thing.  I don’t get any comments.  It’s kind of like being out in the country (on the internet).  I love that I have no idea who reads it.  I love that I can’t see people’s faces.  It gives the readers some privacy.  People can read it and I don’t have to know about it and for some reason that sits really well with me.

That’s one of the things that stresses me out about playing shows and stuff.  You actually SEE the people who you are singing or talking to.  They are right there staring at you every single move you make.  I know that some people thrive in those kinds of situations but I find them NERVE WRACKING.  It makes me paranoid.  I keep wanting to tell people to look somewhere else because I’m feeling nervous.  

And then just you being on a stage becomes part of the joke.  It’s like, “Whoa, look at this person on stage!  How unpredictable!”  But that’s just funny to everybody else.  I don’t like that kind of humor.  I do better when I’m gone.  I enjoy the thing more.  I get to hide and you wouldn’t believe how great it feels to hide.  

Real good.

Alright, ya’ll be cool.  I’m going back into my cave….

  1. Ok now I feel bad for commenting on your other post. I know what you mean, though. I’m not a musician, I’m a blogger. Like, that’s what I actually do for a living. I like to tell people I’m an ‘online journalist’ though, cause it’s easier for most people to understand. However, once money comes into play, you think about things more, you consider things, rather than just writing what you feel, or what you feel like writing.

    That’s why I have I have 22 readers, and have for the past year or so, and you know what? I like that. It’s incredibly relaxing to have a place where I can go and share whatever I want to share, without worrying about if I have a proper image for the post, or if I put enough back-links, or if I got the facts straight. I can just write. It’s lovely.

    • therockingfeelings
    • January 27th, 2009

    Wait a second, Ricky. Did you say that you are a blogger for a living? How do you do that??!

    I am gonna try to go check out your blog soon. Thanks for the link!

    And thanks for the comment there. Comments are nice. Comments make days.
    Hope you’re well sir!

  2. Yes, I’m a blogger for a living. *MY* blog is called, I started it a little over 2 years ago, it’s focused on Nokia’s smartphones. I also write at, and cover more general mobile-phone related stuff (that’s a paid gig, not my own site).

    I’ve been a ‘pro-blogger’ for over a year and a half now, and love it., as stated, though, is more of a personal thing, just random bits of technology that I find and want to comment on.

      • therockingfeelings
      • January 27th, 2009


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