2 Story Ideas

Okay, I have a few story ideas and I want to put two of them up here.  I have found writing stories to be very difficult.  I am good at writing about a page or two but then, no matter how into it I am or not, I just can’t get back into it.  I get distracted.  So i have learned to write in a series of short blurts and then to collect them or edit them later.  

I usually don’t get to the editing part.

Story ideas:

1)  Okay, this is about a mutant entertainer (just that makes me laugh).  He is an actor and he is some kind of mutant but nobody knows what his mutation is.  I am not sure if it is ever told.  It might stay a mystery the whole time.

But see, his dream is to be an actor (either in plays or in movies).  It might be set in Hollywood, maybe New York City.  Oh, and he has red hair.  And he has been typecast for years as monsters and aliens.  He’s always playing freaky and scary parts but he really wants to be a leading man.  He thinks of himself like a Tom Hanks type.  But nobody else takes him seriously as a leading man and it just weighs on him.

And he is kind of an outcast of the artistic community even though he is respected in a way.  He doesn’t drive a car and he has recently begun going to a library close to his house to research for his roles.   Also, his best friend is a furniture deliver guy and he gives him random rides to different places around town, but he doesn’t tell his boss that he does it.  His friend is like his own personal bus and if this story is a movie then the conversations between the mutant and his friend (all taking place in the cab of a furniture delivery truck) all serve as exposition to explain the back stories of whatever story is currently happening.  

So the mutant has all of these “taxicab confessions” throughout the story.  And then one of the main things is he goes into the library one day to research a new role and he meets a girl librarian and the first thing she says to him is, “Hello, red-headed stranger.”  You see, she is a Willie Nelson freak and she develops a mild crush on the mutant.  She is about 25 and she has only had one serious boyfriend which was in high school and even though they have been broken up for 8 years (and only actually dated for 8 months) she still lives in the memory of it… this explains her love of Willie Nelson’s old broken-hearted love songs.  

Anyway, the bulk of the story has to do with what happens when the two of them meet.  It’s about their friendship.  

That’s all I’ve got so far…


2) My other  story I just came up with today.  I think that it might be like a Twilight Zone episode story.  It’s about a man who is incredibly indecisive.  He cannot decide what he is going to do with any moment of the day and it has led him to a real loopy, wandery kind of life.  His way has frustrated many of his friends but he really just can’t happen.  He realizes that he simply does not care about most anything and he comes up with an idea on how he will make every single one of his decisions:

He will flip a coin.

So he switches into a mode where every time he has to make a choice he flips a coin and then does whatever that thing is.

I am not sure what happens from there.


Bonus Idea:

This one is called “RoboSwitch” and it’s about a man who has a wife and a 8 year old son.  He is at a successful job and everything is great on the outside but it turns out that he is incredibly dissatisfied with his life.  His wife can be a nag and his job is so routine he thinks that he could be replaced by a robot soon (Oh yeah, the story happens in the not-to-distant future).  He starts to feel that his family doesn’t love him but just uses him for money to buy all kinds of junk.  He starts to think that his life at home could be replaced by a robot too.  His wife could use a robotic husband and his son a robotic father.

Then, he sees a commercial on t.v. about a new type of surgery (or something) called “Roboconversion” where a person decides to convert himself to a robot somehow (I don’t know how this works yet).

Anyway, he’s thinking about becoming a robot.

I don’t know if it means that he dies or if he gets to move on…

This might be like a Twilight Zone episode too..


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