I have been filling up these notebooks with intentionally random phrases.  The idea is to collect a whole bunch of little ideas in one place so I can read over them later on and mix them up, maybe write a song or a story or something.  It is more just details and second-long thoughts, you know?  It is already kind of cool.  Here’s some of them:

Do you watch t.v.?

 Politically vague.

Ignore the douche bag.

I can’t remember how to say this.

I send brilliant text messages (IMHO).

I’m scared of that girl.

You criticize so quickly, I want to go into hiding.

What if a cat’s name was “God”?

Jesus as a secret friend.

Second teenage life.

Subtle manipulation.

What makes it all stop?

This is not what I want.

Moral rot.

Social reconfiguration.

Pot ethics.

You should be happy… you have everything I wish I had.

Let go, seriously.


What do you wait for?

What kind of friendship is this?

Tired of certain conversations.

You seem like a wonderful undefined person.

When is okay to be a pushover?

Flush it.

It might work…

Mark your territory like a braver man.

It’s time to dance.

Might need a million miles of space.

The hurting kind.

Are we even paying attention?

Control freaks make comics.

What is appropriate?

Is it generosity or is everybody a thief?

We are not aiming at the same place.

It’s not important anymore.

  1. You seem like a wonderful undefined person.

    I love that. Story behind it?

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