Wednesday Brain Excretion

I always wonder who reads these blogs.  It could be anybody, seriously.  I used to blog on MySpace every day and I knew who read them because it was the same five people.  I never had to repeat myself if I was ever hanging out with them because all of my stories were on my blog.  I would start a story and then stop and ask, “Did you read my blog?”


“Oh, well, never mind then.” 

I still don’t know if that was a healthy thing to do…

With WordPress I think it might be harder to get to (or as far as I know it doesn’t send people emails when I update)  Also, I don’t have a “top friends” list.  So I have no idea who could be out there semistalking me.  I have learned that me not knowing who is out there is probably safer for the audience.  It keeps me writing for a lot of people instead of just a couple.  Those kinds of blogs are always confusing to read.

What’s weird is when I go places in Nashville and I don’t know if somebody might have read a blog and I can’t remember what I said.  So some stranger might talk to me like he knows me and I really have no idea who he is.

That’s actually a really screwy feeling…


I am trying to make an animated movie.  I’ve been working on it for the last several days.  I have been drawing all of these pictures and scanning them into my computer.  I am also recording the sounds.  I had to do a female reporter’s voice the other day.  I think she’s British.  I tried to animate a picture of a guy reacting to a doorbell getting rung.  It takes maybe 5 seconds for the eight frames to cycle through.  I don’t even know if it looks good.  I tried to draw his mouth open and close so I could make it look like he’s talking.  Later I am going to have to record me talking over the pictures.  I have to time it just right to make it believable.

This movie is gonna take me forever!


I was at Walmart the other day to get some batteries and I wasn’t going to stay very long but they had this bin of a bunch of five dollar movies and I ended up digging through it for about forty-five minutes.  I kept thinking that my search was over and then I would find another movie that I kind of liked years ago.  It seems like if you are only going to pay five dollars for a d.v.d. that you don’t even have to like it.  I did find a triple feature thing with “Wayne’s World”, “Coneheads” and “Stewart Saves his Family.”  I bought that one.  I mean, five dollars for three movies?  That’s not bad.

And then last night I finally rented “Freaks and Geeks” which is this old television series that I never saw but that everybody seems to love.  It is made by the people who make all of these new (and raunchy) movies like “Superbad” , “Knocked Up” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”.  All of these movies are very offensive and I don’t recommend them for everybody, but at the end of them they are always somehow heartwarming and likable.  It’s kind of weird.  And all of the people in those movies used to be in “Freaks and Geeks”.

Anyway, I’m three episodes in so far and it really is a great show.  They got some stuff right on with it.  It is very funny and incredibly easy to relate to.  What’s weird about it to me is that it’s so real in a way that most t.v. shows aren’t.  The stories are about things that you maybe haven’t seen in a t.v. show but that you lived in your real life.  It really is pretty amazing.


Let’s see, what else?

I guess we’re just waiting to see this Presidential switch coming up in the next week.  Should be interesting.


I can’t think of anything else to say right now and I really wanna watch another episode…

Talk to ya’ll later…

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