“Squirrel” is a Hard Word to Spell Right- and -How Do You Judge a Presidency?

Okay, I’ve got one hour on my laptop’s battery and one more hour until this coffee shop closes and you all know what that means… IT’S BLOG TIME!!

I just went to pee so I could devote even more uninterrupted time and attention to my blog.  Alright!  

One note on peeing at a coffee shop when you have a computer with you:  Take the computer with you.  

But if you forget I learned a good trick to maybe prevent theft:  look poor.  Look as if you have nothing to steal.  This might keep some crooks away.  It is also very easy to look poor. 

One way to look poor: Be poor.  If you can’t afford clothes or a shower it is incredibly easy to not get new clothes or to take showers.  Seriously. 

How can you get poor?  (This one’s easy!)

One way to be poor:  Don’t have money.


One way to not have money:  Don’t work.

Or: Spend all of the money that you already have.


Congratulations, you are surrounded by so many amazing ways to get rid of all of your money.  Most places that exist these days are here just to help you get rid of your money.  It’s like the world is designed to work with you in your pursuit of poverty.  

And if you don’t want to go anywhere, you can just stay home… Stay until you can’t afford it anymore.  Then when your house is taken from you because you can’t pay for it you can move into a box and live pretty much wherever you want.  And that’s when you’re free.

Sort of..

When you’re living in a box some times people will treat you like you are homeless or look down on you.  That’s because you are more than likely homeless.  But at least you’re free, right?  

And if you ever find yourself homeless and living in a box you more than likely won’t be spending your time sitting at a coffee shop and waiting for people with computers to go pee so you can steal them.  You will probably be trying to get some food or eat leaves or dead squirrels.  

Speaking of dead squirrels, I have seen so many dead squirrels lately on my walks.  They are all over the place!  I will be walking down a street somewhere just minding my own business and look down and realize that I almost stepped on a dead squirrel.  Yuck!

 I have also seen dead dogs, dead possums, dead mice and dead birds.  Every one of them makes me want to barf.


Oh man, I really need to take more advantage of my computer time!  

Now I will write something VERY valuable and thought provoking:

Okay, so I told everyone in the previous blog that I have been watching tons of d.v.d.s lately and one of them was a d.v.d. series from The History Channel about the Presidents of the U.S.A. (not the band, the real presidents).  It went through all 43 Presidents.  It was 6 hours.

One thing I tried to pay close attention to while watching it was what people thought about each president.  I have been wondering about this.  I think it is because I tried to follow the recent presidential election closer than I normally do.  You hear so many people spewing their opinions and it seems that people think bazillions of different ways.  I wondered how you could tell who was right.  And this one is tricky because in our country people are allowed to think however they want so everybody thinks that they themselves are right, so everybody talks like they know everything, though there are also very many morons in this country so there is a good chance that many of the things that people say are not right..

Anyway, as I was watching all of the presidents fly by I tried to see which ones were considered successful and which ones were just okay and which ones just plain sucked  (some of them definitely did).  

If you haven’t been paying attention, the current president (for about 15 more days) is not very popular.  In Nashville most people I talk to don’t like Bush and love Obama.  And I am from Fort Worth, Texas which is right next door to Dallas, Texas which is apparently where George Bush Jr. is moving at the end of this month.  In Texas, people still like W.  And there are more than just Texans who still do (along with all of the people who don’t).

SOOOOO, my question is:  Apart from popular opinion, how can  you tell if a president was any good?  How can you really judge it?

Well, one thing we have on many of the presidents is time.  We can look at history and see where they succeeded and where they failed.  It is hard to read a presidency as it’s happening sometimes.  There are simply too many things happening at once.  Sometimes the ones who are most criticized while they are in office are reevaluated later on and seen to not have been as bad.  And some of the ones who are now considered the best weren’t as popular while they were in office.

I think that I am still trying to figure out what a president even does.  What are we supposed to expect from a president?  What things really are the president’s responsibility?

One thing I learned from the d.v.d.s was that every president had his own style.  They each seemed to have strengths and weaknesses.  And even the ones who seem so idealized now were never perfect.  At the end of the day every single one of them has just been a man.  They all had their issues and quirks.  They all seemed to fail in some way no matter how much they may have succeeded (and some failed more than others).

I mean, what is a leader supposed to really do, you know?  


Alright, I’m totally outie…


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