Getting a Life

I was in Texas for a week and got back to Nashville the Saturday night after Christmas.  This has been a quiet few days where most of my time has either been at work or watching d.v.d.s.

These are d.v.d.s that I have watched in the last week:

Man on Wire- This was an amazing documentary about the guy who walked on a high wire between the two towers of the World Trade Center in the early 70’s.  You need to see this.

Movies 101- There is a class at N.Y.U. called “Movies 101” and they made it into a t.v. show for A & E.  It is a wonderful collection of in depth interviews with the “great film artists of our time.”  There are interviews with Martin Scorsese, Whoopi Goldberg, George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston and Daniel Day Lewis just to name a few. 

The Presidents- This is a show from The History Channel that chronicles the lives and legacies of the first 43 Presidents of the U.S. (it goes from George Washington to George W. Bush).  It is 6 hours long and worth the time investment.

Thomas Edison Biography- This is a documentary bio about Thomas Edison.

The Congress- This is a documentary about the Congress of the U.S.

Mark Twain- This one is about Mark Twain.  4 Hours…

Ansel Adams- Ansel Adams.

In other  news I am trying to discipline myself into going on one hour long walks regularly throughout the week.  My goal is to do between 3 and 7 walks.  I don’t think that this is an impossible goal.  I like the idea of trying to just keep a long, slow pace for now.  I might change it to running later but for now it is good just to get out there and move around a little.


I am also on if anybody would like to befriend me.


Also, yesterday I started a writing project where I am putting down my opinions on about 20 random topics including family, art/music, performance, faith, work, love, etc.  I am doing it in a very casual way and I am not sure if I am going to share it yet. Maybe I will post it on this blog later but I haven’t decided yet.


Past all of that I have had a nice week and I am looking forward to the new year.  I should be becoming an uncle this year.  My sister’s baby is due in March.  

My visit in Texas with my family was very enjoyable.  I spent the whole time with my family and didn’t see any friends the whole time I was there.  My life is pretty solitary lately which is good for writing but sometimes it can get boring and mundane like most anything else.  For now I am glad to be in Nashville and working steadily on different small projects with my friends.  I enjoy attempting to document my wanderings.  

I am still unsure if I am ever going to try to start my own family.  I seem to enjoy being very poor and free of any extra responsibility that a wife and kids would bring.  Any time there is a situation that comes up that resembles anything close to that type of thing I seem to try my best to figure out how to wiggle my way out of it.  It’s not that I see marriage as a trap necessarily, it’s just that my list of things to do while still single seems to be infinite.  I love being able to roam around and do my thing.  I like being around people too, I am just not sure if I will ever want to be permanently bound to anybody, you know?  There seems to be so much more to do with one life to me.  I say this stuff and some people think that I am lying somehow.  They think that there is no way that I could be so happy just wandering around and renting movies and blogging and writing songs and recording c.d.s and writing stories.  

They think that I must be lonely and fooling myself.  

I just think that they need to get a life!

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