The Human Endeavor lyrics (part 2)

In a Million Years

Pissed off. We’ll make it up. All of the numbness we feel.

All we believe seems still not enough to work it.

Struggle like scratching. Scrape up whatever you can.

Crawl from your dear life into the nearest shadow.

Chip off my fake self. Please show me something pretty

‘Cuz I could make my own hell where the Lord has never sent me

But in a million years my life might make sense

In a million years you’ll believe what I said

In a million years we might finally see

‘Cuz in a million years we might know (whoa)

Someone will find you somewhere you think no one can.

You ain’t so lonely. You’ve got some mighty true friends.

Wait for their warmness. It’s on it’s way to you now.

They’ve got you cornered. They’ll get you feeling rightly.

Chip off my fake self. Please show me something pretty.

‘Cuz I could make my own hell where the Lord has never sent me.

(repeat chorus)

I won’t bungee jump if there’s a safe ladder. I gave up my roller coaster heart.

I am very brave in my imagination. Sometimes I play life like it’s a part.

And I won’t deny that I’m foolish and wise. Often based on how I feel.

I run into friends like I run into walls. I wear a very quiet shield.

My heroes have always been cowboys and preachers.

Everyone I know has been like a teacher.

I make my decisions by how other people think.

Critical eyes often cut me the deepest.

I try very hard to be a wimp for Jesus.

I often feel hope when I’m depressed.

Daily life feels like hard survival.

I live off the fumes of my best.

But if hard work’s the only honesty left I’m like a wanna be wanna be wanna be man.

Paper is a friend that never leaves, never runs when he sees a heart on a sleeve.

But nowhere paper is piling up like an avalanche beginning to budge.

I’m just here to make conversation. What do you think about that?

(repeat chorus)

Star of the Whispers

After the music runs you over

You might get to rethink again

All of the options you threw out

When you weren’t feeling much like a man

It took a little time to come out

But your true words no longer make sense

It took a little while to see

That all that you rip up won’t mend

Oh, the talk of the town

Star of the whispers

The mutt from the pound

To the lowest bidder

Everyone’s out

Of your picture but you

So what are you gonna’ do now?

What are you gonna’ do now?

The crookedest man that you know

Used to make your skin crawl

But he’s the only one still around

The only one still looking proud

And your mother still calls you

She asks when you’re coming home

“Mamma, the dream’s taking a toll on me and I…

I don’t know…”

(repeat chorus)

In the middle of the night you were walking

Up by the hill with that turn

Wondering where you were going

Wondering when you were gonna’ learn

Gazing up high at the white moon

Howling when nobody hears

Dignity sneaks in in the silence

Where no other voice can appear

(repeat chorus)

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