The Human Endeavor lyrics (part 1)

Never Picked Up

Never gonna’ sing this song again

Stalker on a mission to fit in

Gave you a heart attach when I rung

Your only song had already been sung

You were on my mind but you never picked up

I always thought you’d already had enough

You always made me feel you were right

And I never knew what to do with your light

On my way home

I spotted another soul

We talked for hours

It was my new home

And if I was crazy

She never told me

It made me so happy

It made me so free

I didn’t have to guard a thing

I was no one but me

Every word was so sweet

I was safe in some dream

I never feel righteous about this one

She could trap me, don’t even need a gun

If she was cunning or I fell asleep

My life would be over, the vultures could feast

‘Cuz she is the enemy I want to kiss

I brush my teeth if only for this

She’s got eyes to chain me down

There ain’t nowhere to hide in this town

(repeat chorus)

Memory Drop

We were apart. A part of each other. You were my one and only. I wasn’t just another. And we were like future danger. You made me put my heart on paper. And every song was about you. And everybody we knew knew it.

But I’ve been looking back. I’ve been looking back. I’ve been looking back. I’ve been looking back.

And it’s no good now I know. But sometimes my mind just wanders where I can’t ever find me. Been feeling so far from the others. And you’re like a mile marker. Or maybe my favorite old rest stop. And since I can’t go back to you this is just a memory drop.

(Repeat chorus)

I heard that you had a child. Someone to call you “mamma'”. Heard there’s a real good father who won’t ever be a goner. I heard that your home is happy. But still, do you ever remember me? I’m in this drifty cycle. Still seeking eternal revival.

(repeat chorus)

I Don’t Do Romance

I don’t do romance. I mean that surely. Ain’t that some backwoods dream of the lonelies? You’ve got my number. But don’t ever call me. I’m on the river and out to see.

This competition with all of my brothers is making me a fighter, but I never get wiser. Ain’t there some gray land where I can hold a stand? Why take a prisoner an already-shredded dead man?

Though in the morning I might sing. Stay my term I might get free in a cage with some wings as a curse for my song. God’s been good to me. Sometimes that’s all I know. Everything I’ve seen has told me so.

I don’t go kissing. I don’t wanna’ go missing. I’m giving up fiction but I still had a good time. Making up stories. Acting like the whore-me who never was as boring as the real one.

You wouldn’t listen if I wasn’t a drama queen, cussing at the holy like some I’ve seen. Who’s gonna’ sing this? ‘Cuz I quit eating fists and I woulda’ beat me up quite a while ago.

(repeat chorus)

My paranoia don’t mean to foil ya’. My goodness gracious, love can be so spacious. Leave me alone! Am I talking to myself? All we wanna’ do is just keep even.

(repeat chorus)


I’m not a liar but you wan’t me to lose. You want me to cry about you but I don’t want to.

I don’t wanna cry. I’m not gonna’ lie. So I’m not gonna’ move.

I live in limbo where you’ve got no power. My love’s gone evil. And you can’t fight it ‘cuz you can’t find it.

I don’t wanna’ cry. I’m not gonna’ lie. So I’m not gonna’ move.

My life’s a testimony and I’ll be damned if you are my inspiration. My smile isn’t for you. My feelings are just an imitation.

I don’t wanna’ cry. I’m not gonna’ lie. So I’m not gonna’ move.

Doesn’t it feel good to feel dumb about a woman? I feel dumb about a woman all of the time.

I feel like a child when I want to feel wise. I’ve felt like a child my whole life (2x)

Gospel Fact

I don’t know how to be free. It isn’t natural. I’ve been pinned since I could breathe by love contractual. Gain a mind, fall in time now.

But we’ve nowhere to hide. I’d tell you nicer if hearts didn’t lie. Can you take it straighter? Gospel fact, no looking back, goodbye.

Sanity is gone. The tables are turning. And all of us cowards soon will be devoured.

How many people can you be at the same time? How many sides can you see and not take any? Middle ground shrinks I’ve found. Yeah.

Do you know reality? And do you like her? ‘Cuz she’s got a way to fire breathe at all of the wrong times. She’ll take you down round by round, yeah.
(repeat chorus)

Do you know my friend? His name is Jesus. He was true to the end. And quite uncomfortably. I hate that part where Jesus died, man.

But he came back, did you hear? Who would’ve thunk that? Death might’ve made his words less clear if it pinned him. He said he was God some found that odd. Yeah.

(repeat chorus)

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