Things that can happen in a story (told very quickly)

Someone can get an idea and try to make it work.

People can meet and fall in love.

People can meet and not like each other.

Some powerful guy can get corrupt and bother some people who aren’t powerful.

People can go on a trip someplace with a a goal to accomplish.

Someone can die.

Someone might lose something that’s important to them.

Somebody might be dumb.

Somebody does something really meaningful and virtuous.

Somebody makes a mistake.

A monster chases some people and eats some of them but some of them fight back.

People can be on a quest for almost anything.

Something really bad might happen and then people respond in different ways.

Maybe there is a mystery.

Maybe there is an ironic and unpredictable twist.

Maybe some jerk does something mean.

Maybe somebody is seeking revenge.

Maybe somebody is trying to figure out if revenge is a virtuous thing to want.

Maybe somebody is building something and everybody thinks they’re crazy.

Maybe there is a cook making a cake or an omelet and thinking about putting poison in one of them and seeing who might eat them.

Maybe there is something that some people have to do that seems impossible but they try to figure out how to do it.  So they have a big and formal meeting where they get real serious.

Maybe somebody falls into a hole and can’t get out and then everybody works together to help them (that sounds pretty good…).

Maybe there is a family situation or a family is trying to deal with something or go somewhere or build something. 

Maybe an alien does something.

Maybe a dragon does something.

Maybe a hobo does something.

Maybe a business man does something.

Maybe there’s a baby somewhere.

Maybe some unpredictable things happen.

Maybe there is a problem.


Stories can be funny or sad or meaningful or ironic or educational or dull or tragic or happy.

There are a lot of options here.

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