Places where stories can happen.

In a house.

In a boat.

On a house boat.

At a video store.

At the library.

At a mall.

In a car.

In a field.

In space.

In a city.

On a bridge.

On an airplane.

Next to a motorcycle.

At a restaurant.

Close to a trash can.

In an office.

On a roof.

In a museum.

In a garden.

At a secret base.

At a pool.

At a school.

At a wool (factory).

In a maze.

At a baseball game.

At a telephone store.

At a movie theater.

At Kohl’s.

At Walgreens.

At a gas station.

On a highway.

In a desert.

In a jungle.

On a river.

Next to a river.

On a mountain.

In ice.

In a cave.

On a path in the woods.


In China.

In an ant bed.

In a vent.

At a toy store.

In a mirror factory.

In a glue factory.

In a trampoline factory.

In a paint factory.

In a sewer (gross).

In a barn.

In a gun factory.

At a bar.

In a chicken coop.

In a tower.

In midair.

At a radioactive pickle store.

In a refrigerator moving van.

In a prison cell.

In Germany.

At a skate park.

On an island.

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