From Junk Yard to Organized Junk Yard

It has been tricky to find time to blog lately. I have had a good week so far. I just paid off the last of my debt on Monday morning. It’s been hanging there since my cut and paste college time. I don’t know what I was thinking. I realized school might not be for me whenever I noticed that I was taking out money that I didn’t have to pay to fail classes that I wasn’t learning anything from. I think that was one of my more intelligent moments. “What? Why am I even doing this?!” That’s what I was thinking.

Along with paying off the debt I cleaned my room on Sunday like I never have. I made a big plan and worked on it for about six or seven hours. I took everything out and started over. I have a lot of cool stuff (books and c.d.s and stuff) but it always bothers me because it’s always way out of sorts and tangled up and it makes me feel like a confused pack rat instead of a classy collector of finely crafted items.

My plan was to separate and remove and get rid of stuff. It was kind of like weeding a garden. I was wanted to redo the whole thing from the roots. I have been worried about those annoying roots. I mean (sorry about all of this metaphor) all of these little wandery things. I seriously have so many small papers with 2 or 3 lines of lyrics on them and some of them are funny (“I got critics whizzin’ cheese on the whole enchilada/ they’re talkin’ bout my mamma but they don’t know that I brought’a/ she’s a kung fun woman, wontcha’ throw on yer breaks?/ ‘Cuz you can’t talk smack with a high heel in yer face!”) and some of them are sad (“My ability wit’ da’ philly has gone Milli Vanilli /and it’s a taunt wit’ no gimme I don’t know what be da’ dealie/ I used to be killy but now I gone chilly/ I’m illy illy illy fo’ really really really really”).

I mean, how am I supposed to organize lines like that?

Well, I broke it down and simplified everything. One shelf got all of the books. Another the c.d.s. The floor got the d.v.d.s. Then my notebooks and writing supplies and printer and stereo now live on my desk and work table.

I blogged on my MySpace blog yesterday that before I felt like my room was a junk yard and now it is like an organized junk yard.

I really was proud of myself and the room cleaning and the debt paying 2 days. I feel like some kind of conquerer and I think that for now I might be invincible.

Okay, gotta’ run. Ya’ll have a nice evening.


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