Things I Like

I like The New York Times.

I like N.P.R.

I like Wilco.

I like riding the bus. 

I like to write.

I like to learn new things.

I like to talk to people.

I like to think for myself.

I like to trust my instincts.

I like to think creatively.

I like to see the good in things and people.

I like to be a sincere person.

I like being a person who creates more than a person who destroys.

I like to draw pictures.

I like to make people smile and laugh and think.

I like to believe in what I believe in.

I like to do my own thing.

I like to live in truth and not gossip and rumor.

I like to ignore arrogant people with runny mouths.

I like to be quiet when I become one of the arrogant people with a runny mouth.

I like to see things get better but I know that good can take a very long time.

I like to hope very much (at all times).

I like to learn how to be a kinder person.

I like to pray.

I like to read my bible.

I like to wonder about how Jesus could be real and what that means for how I should live my life.

I like to wonder about what love really is and what people think it is (that it really isn’t).

I like to believe that God is real and that he somehow loves everybody (especially the ones that I know that I am not humble enough to love).

I like to believe that fools will eventually eat their own foolishness.

I like to aim at being one of the wise ones.

I like live in the now when possible.

I like being an artist.

I like to blog.

I like to be alive.

I like to like things (it seems).

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