This one ends with a thud

You know how when you are riding in a car with a friend and you haven’t talked to them in at least a week and you are both sitting there trying to think of interesting stories to share and every one that you tell seems not as cool as it did before you told it?  As if the story lost some steam because you didn’t tell it in a way that made sense even though whatever happened was really quite cool…

I don’t tell all of my stories on this blog.  In fact I think that the topics of conversation here are getting narrower and narrower.  I usually talk about how much I enjoy writing or what fast food place has free wireless internet or how I only owe 80 more dollars to my last credit card.  These are valid topics and seem to inspire others to think about their own stuff and I guess that’s what I aim for but… well… Maybe there’s something different I can talk about here…

I’m thinking… thinking… thinking…  I already said that I am near completing a new record, right?  And that I have been working on it with a friend since December?  I think I said that.  Oh, I remember what I was going to talk about… the election.

Here goes…

Guess what?  I haven’t voted yet.  And I am one of those undecided people.  I hear that we are in the shrinking minority.  I realized recently that in all honesty I am just not very passionate about either candidate.  Is that okay to say?  When they get on t.v. and say stuff… it all sounds the same to me.  I feel average about both of the guys.  I used to think it was because I was dumb or maybe that I didn’t have a heart or soul.  Then I remembered that it was okay to not know.  But I try not to talk too loudly about it.

I was asking myself today what being indecisive in this soap opera of an election says about me as a person.  I have paid more attention to this one than any of the previous elections.  I have read more and thought more about who the better guy is.  I have talked to friends who are passionate about each of the candidates and I’m like a jury member who would rather take a nap than decide on a verdict.  And now I’m trying to figure out if I really want to be that kind of guy.  I mean, am I really just a passive and dull dude or what?

I was talking about this today with a friend who knows how stubbornly moronic I can be about politics.  She said something like, “Even trying to not not have an opinion is an opinion.”  (What she said was smarter than that but meant the same) I didn’t want her to say that.

I think I am the same with politics as I am with football.  I know that both are competitive but I am usually friends with people on both sides so I have a hard time rooting for one over the other.  I normally don’t seem to care who wins.

I mean, I am more bothered by the mean things that the candidates say than where they stand on the issues.  And that’s probably shallow.  I do like watching jerks lose.  And I don’t like going along with mobs.  And not like mobsters… I mean big swarms of people screaming and rooting for things just because other people in the mob are rooting for the same things just because other people in the mob are rooting for the same things.  I think that political figures should be honest and should have a sincere commitment to the good of the people they are serving.  I think that everybody has a different idea of what is “good” for people.  Some of those guys just seem to enjoy the power and the position.  I think that’s why it doesn’t interest me as much.  I don’t know what a U.S. president is even supposed to do.  Wear suits and run the country, I guess.  But what can one dude (or dudette) really do?  All I see politicians do is make speeches into the t.v. and wave and talk about how horrible other politicians are.   I know that they do more… 

It seems that all George W. Bush does is get criticized.  Man, does anybody still like that guy?  I always feel bad for him.  I met him once before he ran for president at a Texas Rangers baseball game.  I walked down to his seat behind first base and shook his hand and got his autograph.  I think I was 15 years old maybe.  He was really nice.  It’s crazy to see him on t.v. these days and listen to all of the mess everybody says about him.  I think I have a hard time thinking about all of that.  I guess a part of me thinks of him as a friend that nobody I know now likes.  I don’t really know him but I do try to not get caught in the mob of people who criticize him.  He’s just a guy after all.  You can’t blame everything that happens on the president.

Oh yeah…


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