Why do people have a desire to believe in ridiculous things?

People believe in so many different little things.  Some people believe in God, some in clothing, some in food, some in Paul Simon, some in a certain feeling, some in family, some in simplicity, some in money, some in fame, some in nothing.

Some believe in things that are completely clear to them.  Some need to have a bit of blurriness in there.  Some believe in things just because, almost out of stubbornness.  Most just believe and don’t question why.

I have a story idea that is about some people who believe in something that is totally ridiculous.  It makes no sense.  There is no mystery to it, it is just plain bad.  But for some reason they have wholeheartedly dedicated their one lifetimes to this ridiculous thing.  And everyone thinks that they are foolish but they just don’t care.  And I don’t know if that’s beautiful or sad.  And I don’t know what my own opinion is of the characters.  I want to laugh at them.  I want to make fun of them but I can relate too well to them.  I’d be making fun of myself…  

I’m trying to make it a comedy. I want it to have a lightness to it and not feel depressing.  But I want it to be kind of smart and I want the audience to feel something for the characters.  I want them to connect to their isolation and their patient hope that they are on the right course.  Still it is sad because the audience knows that the characters are on a path that will not end in anything great.  So the story becomes about this small group of people.  And you want to wake them up but you can’t jump into the story with them.  But at the same time you are proud to have known them and you would probably buy an action figure of their character.  

I don’t want to say too much about the details of the story because I’m saving it for later.  There are some things you know already from what I’ve said here but it may or may not tie together at some point in the future.  I might cut all of this stuff out and just make it about some dudes hanging out and eating potato chips who never get around to being anything more than a simple little joke.  

Or it might get real deep and philosophical… 

Sorry to be vague for now but you’ll thank me later…

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