My Second Job

It’s funny to have a job and then to get off of work and have all of these little creative projects going on.  I am still working on one record with some friends, I finished another demo-fied one (“How to Dismantle a Firecracker”), and now I am working on a word find puzzle, a maze and perhaps a little comic for a periodical insert thing I am doing with another friend.  I also got some interesting ideas for some stories this week that I may have to keep a secret for now though I will say that I was drawing out pictures for one of them on Monday night and I was having so much geeky fun that 9p.m. to 1 a.m. felt like about 15 minutes and I did not want to go to sleep.

Did any of that make sense?  I always think that my life must sound so cool to other people.  But then I don’t talk about it.  I like to believe that other people are jealous of my life (even though maybe no one is).  It’s awesome to pretend like people might be jealous of you… 

When you are trying to make a bunch of awesome stuff you have to learn how to inspire yourself and reign yourself in when need be.  I am very good at getting distracted.  Focus requires a simple schedule.  You have to clear away much of the stuff that clutters up your time and brain space.  I’ll go home and tell myself that I can’t do anything but write a story about a mutant entertainer, for example.  Then when I get home and if I accidently do something else like eat or try to write a story about a romance-starved librarian with a Willie Nelson obsession, I have to discipline myself by cleaning my room or watching a movie.

And see, none of that even makes sense.

I mainly have to keep in mind that when I am not at my day job my duties are mostly: Don’t spend a lot of money and make stuff.  I love making stuff.  Today as I was waiting tables and filling up salt and pepper dispensers I showed my new maze to a coworker but I had to be careful that I didn’t have too much fun because it would distract me from remembering to take ranch dressing to one of my tables.  I have to remember that Applebee’s requires a high level of nonfun.  As long as I am not enjoying myself too much I am usually an awesome worker.


I have to tell you that I think I am hitting a stride and I am enjoying it.

Okay, have a nice night.

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