Things you didn’t know you didn’t need to know

In the previous blog I told about my visit to the library and put some links to blogs by other writers about writing (you don’t have to say anything, I already know that I’m a nerd).  Well, what I didn’t talk about in the previous post was the other book that I found (and photo copied about 30 pages out of).  Can you guess what it was?  Any ideas?  You there in the back?

Exactly!  It was Merriam Webster’s VISUAL Dictionary.  It is a dictionary of pictures of things.  I couldn’t believe it.  I decided that I would copy a few pages of car engines because I have always wanted to learn what’s in those things.  On the way I found pages about writing instruments, musical notation, cassette tapes, microphones, cameras and castles.

That’s right, castles.

I have been interested in castles for a while now.  I drew a picture of a castle and it is on my friend Jordan’s wall.  I may have to update my castle drawings now that I know what the parts of a castle actually are… hmm..

Did I tell anybody about my medieval times musical?  Hello? I wrote one.  Or part of one.  There are different characters and they all sing songs about what it’s like to be them.  There is a king and a bum and a wife of a knight (with sleeping child) and a business man and a business man’s assistance and a romantic couple.  There is even a legendary dragon.  Goozar.  Son of Globbler and Grizilla.  And guess what his biggest fear is?  

Intimacy of course!


Anyway, here is a list of writing instruments:

a quill

a Roman metal pen

a cane pen

a writing brush

a lead pencil

a stylus

a steel pen

an Egyptian reed pen

a fountain pen

a marker

a mechanical pencil

a pen



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