No Money-No Problems?

I am debating in my head if I want to run over to Walmart to get a little card that fits into my digital recorder.  It’s about 30 dollars which is not in my budget for the week.  I think they have one at CVS for 20.  I might be able to pull that one off.  I can’t record songs until I get that thing and I wrote one the other day that I like a lot called “Love Can Be So Heartless.”   I don’t know if it will ever be available for anybody to hear but… it was written…

I just went to pay my Cricket phone bill. It is normally 55 dollars but this time it was 72.  That’s because I was a few days late last month.  That sucks!  

I am hoping to get the last of my debt paid off in the next few months.  I think I have it down to about $150.  After that I am going to do my best to never owe anybody anything ever again.  I wonder if I can pull that off.  

My check at Applebee’s for 37 hours of work was $6.70.  Can you believe that?  If you wait tables you have to claim all of the money that you get so that doesn’t count the tips I got that whole pay period.  Still, it’s usually closer to 15 dollars.  

My budget is so small and I am trying to get it even lower.  When I was younger I wanted to be rich.  I thought that it would make my life easier.  Then I realized that even having money is another thing to have to think about.  That’s when I decided that for me I just would rather think about money as little as humanly possible during my one life.  So the less I have and the less I owe the freer my brain is from it.  

I think that is strange.  Some people think that having a lot of money means that they don’t have to worry about it but if you have it you’ve gotta’ do something with it.  You have to put it somewhere, you know?  If it’s not there and you don’t have much of anything… it seems to take the stress away.

Of course this is coming from a guy who has already accepted the fact that because of his life vision he will probably never have a wife and will probably live in a few boxes at some point…

Yes I might be strange… but hey, at least I can afford to be!

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