What is a blog, really?

I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about what it means to be a blogger.  I have wondered why I have thought that being able to write and share as independently as this is better.  I mean that blogging is like being a journalist only you are your own editor and… well, you are all there is.  There is not a company behind you really.

There are definite drawbacks but I do think that blogging is an interesting part of our culture.  I have been reading an interesting book called “The Elements of Journalism” by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel.  I have realized that when you blog it is pretty easy to write about whatever the heck you want without thought to how it would be taken.  I mean that there is not accountability for a person who is writing alone, obviously.   I think that what has driven me to continue blogging is some kind of distrust of professional journalism.  Through some reading I’ve learned that this is normal but I have also learned that there is good journalism and there is bad journalism.  I am wrong to be critical of the whole thing.  

I have been reading about how important it is for societies to be able to share information and how vital that freedom is to maintain democracy.  The public is often the judge in a democracy.  

Anyway, I could keep talking but if this stuff sounds interesting you should read that book or check out youtube videos like this one:

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