The day after the Presidential debate.

I am at a coffee shop in downtown Nashville. It is half way between work and home. One bus goes from work to downtown. Another from downtown to home. They have a computer here. I am on it right now.

Tonight I will be doing a second rehearsal with my friends Brian and Shea for a recording session to be done on Saturday.

The Presidential debate was in Nashville last night. I did not go to it or to any of the parties around town. I was at McDonald’s around 5:00 and trying to figure out how I was going to watch it. The t.v. at my apartment has a bad reception. It is good for watching d.v.d.s on but not television.

I decided to walk to Walmart and purchase a radio so I could listen to it. I found a Sony Dream Machine for 10 dollars.

I have not been an avid radio listener since high school. In fact, these days I don’t watch t.v. or listen to the radio… just my ipod or whatever d.v.d.s I have.

I played around with the radio and enjoyed it. I was thinking, “Wow, people really do still listen to the radio and they’ve been listening this whole time that I haven’t!” It was a crazy thought.

When I go to my apartment it is often very quiet and I just sit there and read. Sometimes I forget that a lot of other stuff happens in the world. I do maybe 15 Sudoku puzzles a night. I try to clean my room. I put my ipod on shuffle and hook it up to my computer.

I forgot about the shuffle function the other day. I was talking to a friend. “I wish my computer could play songs at random. Wouldn’t that be so cool? Someone should tell Steve Jobs.”

She said, “Jeff, it’s called ‘shuffle’ and it is already on your computer!”


New things seem to happen in my life every day.

Uh.. anyway I listened to the debate. It was interesting for a little while but it seemed like they just kept repeating the same things over and over.

I always wish that they would just shake hands and have one of them say to the audience, “I am awsome and the other guy is bad.” Then the other guy could say, “Nuh uh! I am better!”

Then they could do this:

“No! MEEE”




Then they could throw pies at each other.

Oh yeah. I thought of a good way to figure out who you are going to vote for. Pretend like there is a situation where you have to chose one of the candidates to be your dad (or granddad). You know, like if you had to choose one… which one would you choose?

I tried to bring it down to my level… “Okay, Jeff… if both of these guys were competing to be managers at Applebee’s which one would you choose?”

I was still having a tough time deciding…

  1. Hey Jeff Grant. I’m going to be in Nashville in a couple of weeks. We should hang out.

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