This is what I would talk about all of the time if I knew that people would listen.

I’m making a c.d. with some friends (mainly one).  We’ve been working on it since last December.  I want to talk about it but leave it a little vague.  Stuff like this happens… we record a song and then… well, I put them on my ipod and I’ve been walking around listing to them this whole year (2008).  We have 9 songs pretty much ready but maybe 2 are in the questionable zone and we are gonna record about 5 more on Saturday.  Anyway, at a rehearsal yesterday we retried one of the questionable ones.

And guess what?  

It sounded really cool!

I think that we figured out how to pull it off.

This is the kind of stuff that I get pumped up about lately.

Also, I put together another c.d. of demo songs I’ve written and recorded this year.  It is a different thing from the first thing that I have been working on.

The demo one is done.  It is just a very simple recording or 12 songs put together for the pure fun of it.  It is called “How to Dismantle a Firecracker.”  

I am not going to say what the other one called yet but I am pretty sure that I already know the title. 

Today I made 160 copies of the cover for “How to Dismantle a Firecracker.”  I have only burned about 7 copies of it and I think my computer is getting problematic on me.


Listen, everybody have a great day..

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