Love Logic (a poem)

She believes in her heart that I’m her man

But I know in my heart that I ain’t

So watchin’ her lie to herself

Is what keeps me walking straight

And straight as in right past her

‘Cuz she’s got a ghost in her head

That she seems to think is me

But sadly for her I ain’t dead


The crazies get stuck all the time

Us sane one’s always follow straight lines

‘Cept when they run into each other

Then only one line can stay sane


Is love logical?  Is love math?

Does it mean you’re insane when you take it back?

And if you were true in every way that you moved 

Would your love be a proven fact?


If love is not A or B

Does that mean love is C?

And it A and B are not C

Does she ever think about me?


And if a tree fell on the internet

But nobody joined the chatroom

Did the tree ever really fall?

Or is the tree still standing?


(And does the tree even exist?)


(And did the email make sense?)


(We highly doubt it.)

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