Every Night for the Last Six Weeks

It’s 10:46 on a Friday night.  I am eating Chicken McNuggets at McDonald’s.  I just rented a movie from Blockbuster.  I’ve been doing this routine very frequently for about six weeks.  I can’t go very far at night since I haven’t been driving for about two years now.  There are a few places that I can go to that are within walking distance.  Kroger.  Blockbuster.  Walmart.  McDonald’s.  Taco Bell.

The other day while I was working at Applebee’s two girls came in and one said, “Hey!  How’s it going?!”- as if we were old friends.  

“I’m sorry, do we know each other?”

“Yeah!  We both work at Blockbuster… where you go… every night.”

“OOOOOHHH!!  Now it makes sense!  Are ya’ll having any new sales this week?” (I noted in a previous blog how they had been giving away free rentals for the whole month of September).

Then one of the girls explained to me the new sales and then I explained to them the sales at Applebee’s and they ate some buffalo wings or something.

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