And You Might Find Yourself in a Small Apartment with No Bills or Other People

I have my last credit card down to around 200 dollars.  I am hoping to get it paid off very soon.  I know that 200 dollars might not sound like a lot of money to some people but it is to me!  I have a goal to not need money and to not ever have debt again.

I’ll probably have to skip having a family to pull this off but maybe it’ll be worth it.  I’ve always thought that if I could get around having children then at least I wouldn’t feel bad about having starving kids.  Just think about it: kids who don’t exist don’t need food or love or anything!

Wait, what happens if you don’t have kids?  I mean, what if you were going to but changed your mind?  I wonder where the souls of those kids go… Hmm… Do they go to another family?  How do you figure that stuff out?  Does it even matter?  Maybe I would have a mean child and regret becoming a parent… Whoa!  What if that happened?!  

I bet if I had a kid he’d be really freaky… I bet if I had a daughter I’d have to kill little guys that looked at her too much… I think that I would be an intimidating father (or at least I would try to be).

I think I’d be fine with kids once they figured out how to feed themselves and have their own jobs.  Hmm… Maybe they’d be gone by then (or soon after).  Hmm… talking about stuff like that is supposed to be sad but I don’t feel sad or anything right now…

It’s nice to not have to think about any of this stuff too seriously for now…

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