Like a plunger to a blog clog.

I don’t want to blog today but I am going to anyway.  What does it even matter?  It doesn’t.  I’m blogging out of pure discipline right now.  It is just that time of the day.  As I write this sentence I have no idea what I am going to talk about.

I started blogging on a live journal page probably around 2003.  I did not have my own computer at that time so I had to go to the public library.  I don’t think anybody ever read it.

I got a MySpace page not long after and that was when the potential for blogging started to become clearer to me.  I suddenly realized that with blogs anybody in the world could read them at any time.  Not that everybody is going to read your blog but there is a huge potential out there and you’d be surprised who stumbles upon them.

See, I have a crazy love of writing.  It is something I do every day. I have never been published or anything like that. Most of what I do has just been given to people or thrown on the internet (is that even good?  I don’t know).  I write all of the time.  So much so that it can be annoying for friends of mine.  They are like, “why are you always writing?”  I don’t know.  I think that one thing that kicked me into gear with writing was living in Nashville when all of my family still lived in Texas (which is still how it is).  It has been pretty isolating in a lot of ways being alone here and having good friends but still very few people to really lean on.  I think that writing was just a way to get out a lot of the thoughts that I was having when I didn’t have many to really listen to them.  

Also, I was sort of annoying as a child.  Or… I was one of those kids who was always really quiet but once I got talking I could talk your ear off.  I used to ask so many questions, I was like a little reporter.

When I got older I began to realize that my curiosity and my persistence could be a little too much for people.  I would meet people and have a great friendship and suddenly they were wanting to get a restraining order against me.  I’d be like, “HUH?  I thought we were pals!!”  

It puzzled me that other people weren’t as interested in the things that I was interested in.  You mean to tell me that not everyone wants to talk about music all of the time?   But then I started to realize that what I was thinking about was awesome no matter what people thought.  I realized that it was them who was missing out.  

Then I learned that paper is always there.  Paper is the most patient and faithful friend when everybody else is gone or tired or bothered or doing something else.  Paper is always ready to listen.  And now, I have to admit that putting everything down on paper is not the same as talking to people face to face… but it’s still pretty great.  When you write you can ramble on and on (and on) about whatever you please.  You can talk about some movie you saw for pages and pages.   Sometimes when I write I will be so excited about whatever I am scribbling about and I will go to tell somebody about it and I will realize that they don’t care one bit.  They think that whatever I am saying is dull and irrelevant.  

I used to think that they were right until I realized that they weren’t.  

They were…


It seems that for every iceberg person that you bore to death there are about 5 people who think whatever you just said is AMAZING. 


Since blogging is free and easy and since you don’t need anybody’s approval or permission you can do it all of the time and as often as you’d like.

And what’s cool about this is that it all adds up over time and you realize that you could write books if you wanted to which is kind of exciting to think about.

And since the best way to learn how to write is to just write, blogging is great practice.

Okay, that’s all.  Thanks!

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