3 Quick Notes

I have 17 minutes before my battery runs out but I had a few things to throw up here:

1) The book “Journal of a Novel” by John Steinbeck” is great.  I have had it for a while now but I lugged it out of my suitcase this morning on the bus on the way to church and was reminded of how insightful it is.  This is what it says on the back:

Each working day from January 29 to November 1, 1951, John Steinbeck warmed up to the work of writing East of Eden with a letter to the late Pascal Covici, his friend and editor at The Viking Press.  It was his way, he said, of “getting my mental arm in shape to pitch a good game.”

Steinbeck’s letters were written on the left-hand pages of a notebook in which the facing pages would be filled with the text of East of Eden.  They touched on many subjects- story arguments, trial flights of workmanship, concern for his sons.

Part autobiography, part writer’s workshop, these letters offer and illuminating perspective on Steinbeck’s creative process, and a fascinating glimpse of Steinbeck, the private man.

2) I think that someday I will have to have a whole wall of corkboard.  This is because one thing that I need to get better at is organizing my ideas and I think that the best way would be to lay them out flat on a wall.  I like the idea of coming up with stories and setting them up visually scene by scene… 

That was something on my mind last night for some reason.


3) The New York Times is good to read.  It’s like real-time, real-life literature.  It’s news minus the tabloid element which may be a foreign concept to many people.  I have attempted to read it as close to every day for the past few months and I think that I have become a smarter person because of it.  I recommend this if you are interested in getting a better idea of what is going on in the world right now.  I mean, you can read any newspaper really but the quality of this one is way up there.

Alright, now I’ve got five minutes…

Talk to you guys later.


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