Mondays through Fridays there is a really cool bus driver on the Nolensville Road bus.  He is probably in his 60’s and has white hair.  He seems like a guy who is always on time.  Like he’s very dependable.  Every time I get on the bus he says, “Ha-er-yoo?”  It sounds the same every time he says it.  He probably says it a million times a night.  It’s sounds like it’s coming out of his stomach.  Or as if he is hocking up a lugie. 

When people get off he says, “Have a good’n!”  It’s awesome and I always seem to have a “good’n” after he tells me to. 

There is another bus driver on the bus that goes from Applebee’s to Downtown.  It’s this black lady.  She is funny.  She pulls up really fast and the door flies open and she goes, “GET ON THE BUS.  WE HAVE TO MAKE LINE UP.”  This means that she is running about two minutes late and needs us to hurry up because at a certain time all of the buses “line up” downtown and we need to be timely.  She was making me laugh today.  Unintentionally I think.  She was having a conversation with one of the riders about a movie called “Bebe’s Kids.”  She was talking very loudly to outdo the noise of the bus, “BEBE’S KIDS WAS A MOVIE WHERE THERE WAS THIS MOTHER THAT HAD 3 ROWDY KIDS AND THEY WERE GOING ALL OVER TOWN CAUSING TROUBLE AND EVERYONE WAS ALWAYS SAYING ‘I DON’T WANT MY KIDS TO END UP LIKE BEBE’S KIDS!!'”  

Then she was talking about how some riders were like, “500 POUNDS OF MEAT WALKING AROUND IN SPANDEX!!”

I didn’t know if I was allowed to laugh but I couldn’t help myself…


There is a Blockbuster Video near my apartment that has free rentals every day for the month of September.  I didn’t realize this until a few days ago and the month is nearly over.  Still, I am trying to take advantage of it.  The thing about renting a movie for free every day is that I am not sure if I even want to watch it.  I am trying to go through movies that I missed when they were in theaters.  So far I have rented, “The Good German”, “Good Night and Good Luck” (both with George Clooney), “Wedding Crashers”, and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” (with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie).  Last night I rented “Enter the Dragon” (with Bruce Lee).  My roommate ended up renting “Grass” (which is about marijuana) and “Black Snake Moan”(which I thought he should have paired with “Paper Clips” just because it would be a funny combination).

I don’t even think that I want to watch a movie tonight though.  Hmm, maybe I’ll watch the weed one…


I like President Bush.  I seriously do.  I think that almost every person I talk to thinks that he is a moron.  In some circles it is like established fact.  Some would even question my own intelligence based on the fact that I like him.  And when I say that I like him, more than anything I mean that I don’t hate him. I don’t buy into that side.  I think that he has been president in a very strange time in history and I think that anybody in his position during these times would have been criticized just as much, maybe just by the opposite side.  He has had to make so many difficult decisions.  And I am not saying that I agree with every decision that he has made but I do think that he is an intelligent man with good intentions.  I have respect for him.  

There seems to be a whininess in politics.  People speak their minds and think that everybody thinks the same way that they think.  

I think that I am confused politically.  I feel confused at least.  I try to be moderate and listen to both sides but I think that I naturally lean to the right.  It’s weird though because the people on the left are usually the ones I want to hang out with more.  My dad is a Republican.  He is pretty locked in, no matter who is running.  My mother seems to be a little more open.  I have been more of a Republican in the past.  I am a Pro-Life person.  Not the kind that stands outside of abortion clinics though.  I understand that those decisions can be quite complex but I do think that everybody should take responsibility for their actions (and that’s usually about as long as I want to talk about that one).  

At the same time I am not crazy about big corporate companies.  I think that small, independently run businesses are pretty great.

And I really like Barack Obama.  He is a very inspiring person and speaker to me.  I don’t think that I would go to one of his rallies and dance around and scream but I would definitely be proud to meet him and consider it a huge honor.  I think that he is a very brave and bold man.  Still, to be honest I don’t know if I would vote for him just because of all of these reasons.  I watched some youtube videos of him on “The View” and “Late Show with David Letterman” and thought he was quite a charming guy.  I would most definitely drink a double shot mint mocha with him.   

John McCain’s experience seems comforting to me.  He may not be as dynamic of a speaker as Barack but he has some very solid history in government.  I think that that is definitely a positive asset.

And am I allowed to say that I kind of have a crush on Sarah Palin?  And is this a valid reason to vote for her party?  Gosh, probably not… But I am sure that quite a few people have crushes on Barack Obama… so… maybe it’ll all even out on that issue…


Okay.  That’s all for now.

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