Welcome Back to the NonMySpace Blog

Okay.  Last week I decided to delete all of the blog entries on my MySpace.  I think that it was getting way too much traffic and feeling a little uncomfortable.  This seems more private.  Or… at least I have no idea who will be reading it so I might feel a little freer.  MySpace starts to feel like you are writing to the lowest common denominator after awhile.  I am not sure if that is really true… Hmm… I guess for now wordpress feels more like N.P.R. where MySpace feels like a tabloid. 

For any of you who were wondering I am still living in Nashville and “doing my thing”.  What is your “thing”, Jeff?  Well… good question.  Let’s see… I am quite sure that first and foremost I am a writer and a processor.  I like to think and ponder often to a strange and obnoxious level to where the only willing friend left to talk to is a blank piece of paper.  I tell people how I used to be a very talkitive kid and quite expressive and fun to be around but all most see these days is a quiet, monotone guy.  I just tell myself that I am still cool, only undercover in a life that I am trying to make look very boring to keep the flies away.

I still do music.  I really do have a lot of fun with it too.  Music these days is always more of a social experiment with a few good friends.  I have been working on a recording with one friend (his name is Brian Threlkeld) since last December.  We both have jobs to pay our bills so we had to organize sessions in between everything else going on.  The goal has been to just keep meeting and recording until we are finished and to take our time and let it develop on it’s own.  Normally I do not spend a long time recording so it has been a lesson in patience and thoroughness.  It’s funny to think of songs being planted in one season and then put on hold to come back to in a few months.  Then they seem to bloom in a different way than I originally thought that they would.  

Brian and I have both commented on how quiet our musical meetings seem to be.  A lot of what we do is sit together and discuss a song or possible directions for it and at times it can seem as if it isn’t work because we are essentially just sitting down in a room and talking.  Still, we can come away from a session feeling exhausted.  The progress is more invisible and focused on the development of the ideas in our heads, so it can seem like nothing is happening.  Still, there seems to be a bit of progress with each meeting even if it is not so obvious.  We seem to make ground in some way with each meeting.


I seem to work very diligently and alone most of the time.  It is the most natural way for me to write.  I’ve found that it is good for me to not be completely consumed by whatever I am working on though it can be difficult.  Over a year ago I decided to sit down and write a thing that would be 100 pages only so I would know what writing a thing that long would feel like.  I think I made it to about page 49.  One of my biggest challenges seems to be in how to elaborate and not rush everything out in one quick burst.  Being a songwriter I am so used to trying to cram it all in very quickly and being done with it.  This makes writing blogs good for me because they are short and usually only about 2 pages tops.  Trying to make a longer work is more difficult.  I find myself scraping my creative limits and trying to keep going but feeling almost paralyzed.  Then it can be so incredibly lonely to try to explain to another human being where you are in some longer work when all you can say are strange and tedious details that don’t make sense.  Then you just feel like a weirdo.  

I am learning how to not talk about a thing while I am working on it.

Okay, I’ve gotta’ run.  The battery on my computer is about to quit on me.


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