Ground Rules to Spice Up the Monotony

I can’t believe how boring this stuff must be.  I was reading the previous post that was talking about all of these somewhat technical details of recording music.  I think that that stuff is very interesting for a very small amount of people.  Hmm… I guess that it’s okay.  I like the stuff.  I know about five other people who do too.

I really like having something I can do that is boring to others.  I know the topics that I could write about that would make this a more “juicy” blog but I am probably going to skip those.  It’ll probably just be very bland, blocky stuff on here.  Nothing too sensational or dramatic.

I am planning out what this blog is going to be right here in front of everybody.  I should make some rules… 

Blog Rules:

1) No saying stuff that could get me in trouble.

2) Try to talk about stuff that is beneficial to others.  Stuff that is educational or helpful in some way and not wasteful (not just “woe is me” whining stuff)

3) Have fun.


Okay, those rules should keep me on track.  Now I will just try to keep writing on here over and over again and try to stay focused…

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