MySpace Blog Break/ Book Halt/ 100 Pages/ Jigsaw Link

I gave myself a goal for the rest of the year to not post a blog on MySpace just to see if I could do it. I like blogging a whole lot but I feel like an addict. All of you regular bloggers know what it’s like when you blog and then go around and all you can think about is if anybody read what you wrote that day. Yeah, that’s kind of psycho but that’s what I do. All I can think about when I see other people is if they read my blog that morning and I’m all scared and stuff.

I don’t know if I’m that great with my goals. I fall off the map everyday without even realizing it. I have made myself a goal on top of the no MySpace blogging goal. See, I have been trying to write a book about this artist who is trying to find himself and he goes to Waffle House all of the time and he meets this waitress and it is so close to my real life that I can’t tell if I am being creative or just being a journalist. I mean to say that I don’t know if I am just reporting things or what. If so, I am not a good journalist because there are certain very sure twists in my story. It is like it is very grounded in my life but it kind of floats off the page, you know?

But that story is getting tricky. I have it all mapped out. I have a list of about 120 things that are supposed to happen in order but every time I sit to work on it I just get bored or frustrated or I just keep telling myself, “Jeff, nobody will ever care about this story!” So I set it down.

But I still want to write so I have begun a 2nd extended nonmusical project called “100 Pages.” That’s basically what it is. 100 pages of written on paper. I am handwriting it and the absolute only goal with it is that it be 100 pages. It can be about anything in the world and it can be random and not make any sense and so far I am doing a pretty good job. I just finished page 12 and I think I have figured out how to keep it going for at least 30 pages and then I’m going to have to come up with another plan for the next stretch.

It is challenging. I have decided that I am allowed to draw pictures and tell stories. One of the pages is a list of things I might talk about on the other 99 pages. One page is an overview drawing of my bedroom like a map.

A few of the pages are so poorly written that they make me want to throw up but since quality isn’t even a goal with this project it is going to be just fine.

So, I’ve got the book, the 100 pages and I’ve got some music I’ve been writing but it’s kind of just getting filed away for now. Music is I think about number 5 on my priority list.

On that note, and this is getting old saying this but I am available to play shows if anybody would like me to. Just ask. And also remember that it will more than likely not be a wild musical experience but a quiet, library/N.P.R.ish time. Just to warn you. I am very good at providing that kind of entertainment. Where you learn something and then you fall asleep.

Anyway, go watch this:

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