Potential Song Discussion

Hey everybody. I haven’t used this blog in a while. I kind of forgot about it. I was wanting to talk for a minute about some new songs I’ve been working on. See, I have been developing an evolving style for the last 6 months or so that has to do with me doing several weekly recordings on a digital recorder I bought this summer. It is a very fun process. The first c.d. I made this way was Unfictioned.

I have written and recorded several songs since then and I am still getting some down. I had a bit where I was writing very cussy and angry songs and then in the last week I have been trying to work on some warmer ones. I like this one style that I’m trying to sit with. I am trying to write with a greater awareness of my audience. The audience has gotten extremely vague at some points so I don’t know what would be the best sometimes. Sometimes getting to know the audience has a lot to do with getting to know several different individuals who may represent different groups of people who may be listening to the music.

I have written often in a very independant, sarcastic, devil’s-advocate tone for a little while but I am finding that many times the humor is lost in the process and it ends up that I’m just saying all of these strange things without any kind of explaination. You see, when you write a song there is quite a bit of irony and sincerity mixed together. For example, if you were to listen to a Radiohead song it would be good to not always take everything as seriously as it sounds. Or.. I guess that’s how I listen to music.

This has caused some problems though because I have been severely misunderstood as of late in very painful ways and I’m feeling a bit frustrated with this. It’s like having a very clear conversation with a few people who love and get where you’re coming from but it’s overheard by all of these people who don’t think creatively very often so they will take goofy songs totally seriously and think that I mean every single thing I say and I want to tell them, “I would be very afraid of myself if I meant everything I said!” It is just art. It is fiction that is based in a world that is close to reality but not quite reality and yes, much of what you might hear in a song is an exageration for sure.

And I don’t want to leave anybody out of the joke or be a snob about it so I would like to have a dialogue with people about some of the content just to keep in the clear. Maybe I could help a few people understand how cool and fun it is to write songs. I think the communication and the creativity is very exciting and talking about it can be quite inspiring and cool.

So, if anybody has any questions about a song or anything I’ve said I would love to hear from you. I am currently taking questions. I am blogging about this on my myspace blog which is under my name: Jeff Grant. Googling it might help.

Okay, keep in touch and let it rip, okay?



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